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Claim Your Fame Radio Show creates platforms and opportunities for all genre of talent. We focus on unsigned artists and local businesses. The show will feature inspirational moments, live interviews, red carpet events, shout-outs, give-away and much, much more. Being highly visible in this industry, we are hoping to bridge that gap from a dream to an actuality for those that have a desire to succeed but yet have not been granted that opportunity. We will bring current news of the industry to the fore-front in business, entrepreneurship, fashion, music, hair, make-up, etc. Our holistic approach to fame is that one must be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to access and harness one’s goals and dreams….

Sharon “Ladee Storem” Acres, CEO/Founder of The Claim Your Fame Radio Show talents have expanded across many genres since her early beginnings. She has appeared in several independent and major films. Her writing and directorial experience includes her own Gospel Comedy Stage Plays "I Loved My Man More Than God" and "Lord Turn This Hell House N2 A Home”, a children’s play “We’re Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf;” an Independent Short film called "Angel" that was filmed in Lanett, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. She also has a Gospel Reality TV Show called "The Gospel in Me." Her latest addition of BTTV Media Group has afforded her to cover red carpet events i.e., The Trumpet Awards, Dove Awards, BEFFTA Awards and The Stellar Awards…just to name a few. She feels very blessed to have had these opportunities. With a new radio show and more films and stage plays to come, Sharon Acres is ready to take the world by "STOREM"
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Delores Walker-Burke, Host of Claim Your Fame Radio Show and a business partner of Storem and Sun Entertainment and CEO of Dynamic Marketing Research, Inc. have extensive background in Consulting, Marketing and Corporate Training. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Business and Master of Business Administration from Wesleyan College. She has had the opportunity to gain experience from a gamut of businesses across industries. She has authored a Faith-Based book, “Unlocking the Principles of Psalms 23” and soft-skill training modules in Communication, Conflict Negotiation, Diversity, Workplace Perceptions and Train the Trainers series. Ms. Burke is a Motivational Speaker, up and coming Fashion Designer and the Host of various red carpet events for BTTV Media Group, a subsidiary of Storem and Sun Entertainment. One of her aspirations is to be used as an instrument to inspire others to reach their level of GREATNESS! For additional information of the new fashion line log onto

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Camilla Terrell “Pointman” Goffney Vincent, Co-Host / Sales Production Manager
Camilla Renay Terrell, the owner of eN'vision Salon Spa, eN'vision Hair & Nails salon and a makeup line called Rhapsody Cosmetic by Camilla. Camilla has years of experience in the industry as a cosmetologist, makeup artist and educator. This certainly qualifies Camilla to be an expert in the area of style, creating a fashion forward image for the everyday person, actors, models and recording artists. She has developed techniques that will take the average look and make it extraordinarily stunning. Camilla believes that an artist CD cover should speak to the audience, depicting an overall impression of that artist. Therefore, Camilla understands the importance of developing a rapport with photographers to ensure that the artist is creatively represented pictorially. Her vision is to be true to the personality of each individual. "IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!!!"…Is her motto.

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Vincent “Pointman” Goffney has many years in the radio / communication business. Before re-locating to the Atlanta area Vincent was a radio personality in Florida. He is also an inspirational rapper and producer. We are so pleased that he has joined the Claim Your Fame Radio Show as the Production Manager.
“Claim Your Fame Radio Show" will air every Friday starting at 11:00 AM EST on Love860, WAEC: Atlanta's Inspirational Talk Radio. The program is a forum for the news, issues and events covering the development, implementation and distribution of new and unsigned artists’ music as well as tips for/from entrepreneurs. Listeners will be enlightened, encouraged and inspired by weekly guests, special offers, and timely information.

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